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Parkland* ( Esquimalt) Beaver Lake Heights (Saanich) Royal Roads (View Royal) Sooke Centre ) our Doctor Hacks ♦ » Every Decision II itli Eaets THERE i* a well-established acientific re**on for every decision your doctor make* He is guided in hi* ©pinio A* by the conclusions of authorities in the Feld of medicine. Hitler* party, therefore, was Socialist A good many other writers who teel Just as strongly against Social- ism as life* Mr Moore would avoid hu sort of reasoning Fur if Russia mult be Socialist be- cause she her If say* so.Even though you have had no recent occasion to consult a physician, it is well to have one in mind Pay him a visit. therefore it must also hr democratic, because that it* what she herself says to- day There have been a good many power'll and persuasive attack* on . ST YEAR r«es Navy Standardization Partition ol Ireland Barred As Subject for Discussion STRASBOURG, F FRANKFURT, Aug. over MOO* B IW M odern five-room house nor.* »nd provision for two rm ytair*. Frle# It" Mm Ptiont Ojp M M ust sell leaving town, foi.'R rooms, if.naihronm, romer. low tsves Terms Fhune R 4*7* WANTED TO BUY— HOUSES- We have m-h, enquiries tor mnderaie'T priced homes *1 "•« •" liwi d'-wn an# garden Price only JUBILEE DISTRICT W*ll-con*tr«rted kluoew bungalow • and bathroom ba*#m«»t. 6-3 Shoemaker and Jim Livingstone of Xcr Ange TSs teamed up to reech the finals of the men's doubles with a 6-2. aix and one-half furlanca' Oercl* H 111 T T Wood ’33 Bleep? *117 Bha Ala Cli Mk 113 Paahh * Paab IH Yreclar 117 Copper lam *117 AI*o Blleih' Carlee *113 Marrua Fay *113 Rerollen 11? Frank Slranahan and Willie VANCOUV Turners have ^personal grudge lo British Colu square. |"iiv4 a Vd bilnife fn *d h AAM|/'ICl ON ON MAIN HIGHWAY nu« NOi. Rhone 333 ( n Uiilf rirt H ba« Ih ***-»*« ru»|d- •even ftirtor SL Malnkli,* CMlnn- Frida Yete* Senior Rr. C •AKC MOTira that Wilfred J Latu and Felham H Rirhardao.i formerly irrrin* on buainee* under ihe name and yle of f allo t Quality rood* dl Moleed loir parln#r4hlp on ihed (Me toih July. Nvenln*» Call Mr Allrhael Q llto SOUTHALL STOVE CO ,-n acrkb BXCXLLKN7 Boil El OMT Do e laarad I ? BBBT I U land In Baanlrh for bulb* nr Urriee rjoee lo a*t ovt'lhokln* roller norfheaei of Klk Leke Owner* movin* an" mu»* •ell St (serlfl* e. n*ar school* and tu* K MIS CORNER I OT 44 tl83 OPP S J DU Marliold P"*’ OBf» awl»a M* home or bi Mlnete buildm*. " •* Oh Olbou™ u* BID R*d •be ••to a **#»•»* emr rnm Nerf* f#qwfto. L l IIVEK, A•••* r in "t 6 ve years oveners hi % i' • ft eh the Edipnnhm ftegi- m#rit, un accidental death, a o i « r ... 4 — You don't have U wait far boys to And out what a nice girl and good sport yoa are. If ywa go to parties, the crowd continually moves off each Umc yoa approach* When you re not able lo think of smart things — or anything at all — to say? Then forget It and think about other people 5— Get several lively girts and boys t os ether for a hike, pirnle or far a snack at yoar house after a game. * V‘AY AUGl’FT 14 Canadian Quality Good But Yields Are Lower l JOLLY WOOD t UF- — The rm i 1 for short haircuts has caught Hollywood with a serious shortage f wigs.At the same time it ruled out any specific discussion of Irish partition minute:, with balloting b ail * mated S6.000.000 voters of Germany tomorrow In the lint Federal election since Hitler • to power 16 yenr.s ago • Mean* lull', the Associated P reported that a tear ga.-s bomb hurled at Mai Rt-imium, Weal Germany's Nn I Communist, clui a political rally tonight at Reckli hausen In' the Ruhr. N., as he boards the commandant's boat* in Seattle for an informal inspection visit to . II form a rate n» German) or down the background of • touchy nationalistic last; Ireland wu? ruled out u* *m for debate during today on possible agenda Item n dc Vulerw. Official Nationalist reports said the nearer one v.m being held In check nn the outskirts of Kanlislen. Private reports said Uie other had Vy-pa&ted or captured the railway town of Hengshan. VERNON MARTIN & CO LIMITED n CLOSE IN lmne errucco home, seven roomb, * hardwood flt^r*. — An annual "minute of Alienee" In bull perks across, the nation in memory of the leie Babe Ruth was recom- mended unmnimously yesterday by the executive board of major and minor league executives. the anniversary of the day in 1948 when cancer Management reply to statistics submitted tn union briefs is expect- ed to commence at conciliation hearings early this week In Van- couver • Hearings in ihe dispute between 700 union shipyard workers and Bjrrard and Pacific Drydock Cora- VANCOUVER. dent Bob Topping of ihe New York, Bpfore a ihirt -slaved throng of Yankees wl U dedtcsie a Babe Ruth M7M , n floodlighted Soldier Field. lh , • champ ions of the Ns- known as the House Tlist Ruth Uon League, pushed across [five touchdowns, plus a field 'goal. *ia and one-hal* furlnnat' Mldnlvl K B .e 117 T7ioma» L 117 Titeral 113 Nt* M*Hon tl7 Vloo T4 mo * U3 X n-He*(|.i«i 117 JCKOp KRTY IV ANTED MAMARONECK. Britain’s lone, 1 • triumph came in 19M si pt An- ¥ I drew-s. who drain age nt eliminated both — Slranahan and Crt T, ^' T1 Turneaa en routo to this, yeur’j. Both would 6, Qn ru ‘®R- *»’ like lo be pitted against the re- »PP«ved a doubtibl. Play over the Winged Foot course g “ will coiuslst of four Scotch four-'*’ ‘ aomes on Friday and eight 36-hole i[1( , (ilin M | ^ twosomes on Saturday. Flan IM Uufejert «o ektaflt.* lenaneie* t Pyper Mon m»y hr made-*f-lbe ranre- tvl. r Ol ONt WT S als -oni larur lot on nit ton- nor of Milrhal; and Br! Oordon Mead Apply B 3373 646 Cormorant P R BROWN & SONS LIMITED Slugging Negr Joins Indians 1113 BROAD RT Auctioneer* and Apprmlatra Bincr 1W! OK.4V4 SIX-ROOM MODERN DWELLING WITH ONE ACRK OF Ph OPEHTy. Latest hospital bulletin* aald Miss Mitchell, author of the Civil War novel. Mng in pushing II logging truck tow 4 garage «hpl*t. "We ran t have a Turkish hares* scene." coiffure cusuxtian Had Westmore pointed out.It la Interesting to note that the majority of the ealea were In the middle bracket, the balance divided equally between under 0 and over 00 CAREER AWAITS YOUNG MAN We a/e looking for young man Z1 to 2? up-lo-date kitchen AH hard- wood floor* Extra room In n*»eme inja Ah plumbing roughed In. AH-H 4 laigr U/n"r him* ..r room* with three big Mdroo OU. LTD iiig^i AUr«i Phorr G W4l 50 furnace JAMES BAY a n» tipr of proper'V pliar'e Ted-f i.p:i»n •' Kldllt E* Nvalu. Surely we are in the golden age of the musical play The musical plays are far twtter than they were when i started * The tall, unthestrlcal Hammer- stein ha* been contributing to the American theatre for many year*-* from 'Rose Marie' to^’Show Boat': from "Carmen Jane* - to ’Okla- homa''* ‘and “Carousel and the current erase of the hemisphere “South Pacific * Lyricist, libret- tist. Australia and Scandinavia And "Carousel’ begins playing in • London early in 1960. This enlertalnlng and enlighten- ing peek behind the curtain cd the "Old Vic’ in London gives a blow- by-blow description of 12 years of achievement fr«»m 1934 to 193 1 The author.vrar* of age with »enior matriculation or equivalent in hn«'fir«* evrenencr We are a nation-** irte fmanrial organisa- tion anil nlfrr •plemlld np- portfinitie* tor the right an* pltrant This ootflton 'carne* «operannu*t»n H and nunr pthrr benefit*. COLONIt T We *ufc*at that you •air* advantage of being in town at thia time trt •elect your new F*ll Outfit You m*r ar range tn o*r montht* hy mail a* convenient Geoff. 3 flnubnl Id ba*I* 000 R IW: 735U ter* thl* riebr Jj ne* Bve-rwm eturco at a gating nil - * ■ Through mu. Large Ut- ifig-rooiu wltli oak floor dining-mcm Full bear men / I DU gah-w with an ad- dl'lunai bedroom In the Bate, tneni •• ol en tf Tf In l**n*. Low l|»*» DONCASTER HEIGHTS Thiee choice mi- l»m,*'urri» hungalowa. E eljl or f Ml' f JNFINIBMFD RAMI WANTED *I'«»P » foi rath 1113*3 U ’ANTED FOB CLIENT rmim M 1 */ ( rath, nr 'errat r *«t retell. manager, he ha*n t begun work on a new show but he find.? It's not louring In America at the moment, but a company will soon be opening In Toronto. probably with Iva Wither* as the heroine r Id a ■ a* GEN HOLLAND M. With meticulous gare, ex- amines each play produced, with careful and studied comparison.

Snyder ^Milwaukee •eeretary of the treasury V»rd testimony b man. a „ 4 for p Uclng lhf new trurk #t definitely a step In the right dl- soanlehton and having It operated rect,on by volunteers. Hr » Ci Mton Ptlan, one of New York* last matters of the *«e-cdd art of hand -embossed, gilt -edged S ok binding. His art call* for the use of more • Han 4 000 engraver's tooir and tor infinite patience and skill 'Qrnnet Cerf adds that apparently no American* are Interested in car- rying on l be great bookbinder’* Wark l .An inquest la scheduled to open In polire court here at 10 30 a m. Says llfiltlf * Increases I a msi i omiinirmn ism rat Directum Control London. 13 or Chari e* Thompaon today that construction U almost certain to otart next s #ar. as much as 000,000 - or 12 500,000 more than the Largest previous rati mate Hr *ld a financing scheme Sunday, Angu.t 14. Familv house Sutcliffe Rd MUST BE SOLD OAK1 JINDS M odern ist ic fiverotju bunqa- low. fireplace, eairavagantly dealgnrd fan.lff- tlie DR, wall-lo-wall rue». A WELL LO- -V* lt TTc REF 11AR COl WOf Jo ON l cateq forworn modern ona-vaar-oid . *lhle le Hlf Bnf *•)»' OUT# CLIENT Wanla a 4 or I- roam Vun- gwinw In . WIUi mnr- aallou* view* Soon by appointment only, Term* can bo arranged STEWART CLARK & CO. are offering for the flret Urn ono of of for five per tent road* and Include* three- room rot- 1eg». the borders of all Southern vemwiriee— particularly mu. *) neat In Bechuaoa- ■Mnc oould be the cau*e of a “p R- grimagt froze all pan* of Africa.15M9 Through Outlay o Race Ron Flares In Saul It %u |248 300 000 suppiiert M* Ui a purchase* Untied Kingdom for purchase ol in Canada Canadian a heal period up During July .840 000 waa spent next yeai in Canada by count Tie* receiving j ERP aid but Uim are eotw In- I | dlcatlom tjiai allocation* are dack- enlng. nlre cabinet kitchen wired for electric range pas'e! « I m B ,„ near arn«e»' and on* home The interior \* nt.lshed Ih f®U4° fotir-rcwim rwltage rablnet kliehen shnwe. , - mofler-i rarrh-l' ■’* home Living- room, rflnlng-rm.m. cabinet , kitchen w lh nook, tile link, utility room. Eaqalmali around 94 Mo ha* 33 000 C Afi H and wfll par 340 or 3fo rn noth'? new wiring, copper filplng «••• decnraivti A Prvaetil rtpu ar* *U fov- avaraf.r.g 33* monthly Owner 1 *, i ul U. Raal Ei’-ata Motxakgvi toswranctf 314 PEMBERTON BLDO PHONE O 1933 C*BH. So lar ihe Union Goteriitaeot /•aw- ataoe no comment on the Ber- et** affair, out I understand that a •utepvoi vlk be ivurd u»e rrv max Roth k-avea London lor Sorowu— mmi it wi R be a strung on* 1b the Union the effect of a wfatu jueftainem to a neighboring t«n* ory cou M have devartatlng r m u B u :o Utt Maian Government's policy of aoartheid.Other reports indicated the Reds were moving to isolate the important city of Foochow, 450 miles north-, east of Canton. and was working at Catnp Plve when Ihe acrldent occurred. SPLENDID LOCATION I Lovely lour room *lucco bungalow Beauti- fully plastered throughout Fireplace, tile •in* Pemamke bath, utility ronm. Rood, nnrlh of Flk Lake , BERNARD & CO B 5316 a vere hie*iv WPIT-MIIU Rf K-rnmn atnerw bunaalo. I,,., finished nin.o U* r«vm witn I've- nlarc Stoker ho* air h»a'»n« *f T r- dlstrlri, rh«» in »ea •-*»• f ** r A de lu** hum* reasonably J ] 500 D9lr«4 MR r HJIVIUQI KCRKKv cnl«. 4-p-w baihrootn utll'f g rvsm p»ll" lawns, gar- den lar»e 1«1 Tates reasntia We Im- mediate nossetsion Full t-cim owner. Frlco PLEASE Urgently required foe efint a Bea-Mw Mi bungainw In Owk Bay or rmfl He Otrl . I Line* 0ll-0-Ma"c HW heat Automata .elecine hot water Wired for range Eu'. B8 94B Ftwe-room bungalow *^i*e ’• Parliament nu Udtr.g* large kit. 88 h*n» • mllcn co«* and a lull Mu* farm 'mplemenit includlni font Perfuaon trocar t*oln« * , q ronccrr Pfic# 5 • 0 r r DU Point and Quern* wood, and others, we will sell In our Salesroom* 731-783 JOHNSON RT. bldde* TTRMB OF BALK— C ARM For further Bartlcalara apply lo Mi# und#r#1gn*d, reeled thle 18th day of Auguet. Bh#r1ff tn and for the County nf Yletorle Police Seeking Driver of Truck City police ar* Reeking the drlvar of a truck which graxetl 16-yaar- old Doreen Butler, week at Rutgers University. ephenson ITED gee anrrp NVKVT flahcmrnt Salc,'l0s30 I M3 ixydge Light liclivery, 1948 B. The result played a big part ln Canada s cotohsal food product loti during and since thi war Right now the Caiiunun hay crop Li not what 11 should be. m wrote "A farmer l» always going U be rich next rear -f Vw U Uft Ut Ovtsws Gower o boot» fl'wi i vojgh « or pc ol rx CBllent O"* 1 *** oe-rro 1 Co"orf«* Kort «U* ot hoi , veo' The Marriage That Has Shaken Africa iu territory to *pocd Qucoo Ik iona p»«lged her protection *o be lak»-C ever.The top Nationalist commanders meanwhile wei MONTREAL. No detail* were available tonight but it Is be- lieved the logger was struck by a falling tree. and 00 ,r\r\ For wut’obie five- ronm lud M, IUU 4DUU IS., be bought al i U* pr re Has full haaemenl and furnace. »7 00d OR NEAR OFFl Ut WILL BUY THIS aell-’bullt Oak Bay bungalow of *1* room*, all on ground floor Fun bekemer.t boi- waler he*' garage At the prie* a real buy WITH |S, MO THIS 18 A WELL-KEPT HUME OF d* up- five room 1 , full basement furnace Btraly itueroed. h»l- water Heating 011-0 «•"' 'f I.i: I no00 DOWN 871#, ' |, ’OR BALE li Y OWNER. Jy I Ineula'Attached dedicated garage 1673 REAL ESTATE DEPT. Ml a 141 .suitable for duple* con- version Living- mb ov dimng- rnnm. rml baaeanaal hot olr ,fur- noev * Fruit »»ye» *e;.ar*U garage Vrrv reaabitable termr act quick. modefo naea m ei W Rf\n,»ucdb bungelnw eatr* basamenl lira- JW plac*. GORDON HEAD WATERFRONTAGE ALL RESTRICTIONS LIFTED As From August 12th WEDNESDAY, w. ijn C\r*it*ni *mi and ghiw* aropoet’inn fa* a huetit- Eleven mile* f-nm rny renir# over 4Q/”VAf\ gond highway Frlce 50UUU COf VTT COURT Of VICTORIA IV TUI. almost en- tirely due to the lack of rain acrofe the nation The average hoy crop report states it it of good quality but poor yields." Some area* will get little hay and Will nave to de- pend on other gra A-r- or even grains to feed the livestock Other area* will rejoice in plenty of good hay Still other* will just get enough feu rhelr own uw? but the mc Uii and racial implica- tion* are even bigger and more »tw 1 - out lhac the political one*, a* tmr u Sr.u Uien Africa ae a whole b onnremed MAT START EXODUS Tfam Is prac Lca Ug free postage ortveu.

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