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California Attorney Patricia Rodriguez: Litigation of Possession of Real Property & Unlawful Detainer In California By Patricia Rodriguez, California Attorney at Law The Plaintiff (the bank in an unlawful detainer) must prove three issues: IN 2015, SIX OF THE SEVEN LARGEST HAMP SERVICERS WRONGFULLY TERMINATED HOMEOWNERS OUT OF HAMP SIGTARPs concerns over servicer misconduct contributing to homeowner redefaults in HAMP have been borne out.

Treasurys findings Ocwen is NOT Entitled to Invoke the Benefits of a Legal Presumption The banks are winning most cases because homeowners choose not to defend.

Bank Fabrication and Fraud Causes Rise of New Industry Phantom Debt It was inevitable that smaller players would seize upon the irresistible opportunity to create or sell phantom debt.

With the justice system lining up to approve the practice of stealing debt Attorneys' Attempt to Paint a Picture in Complicated Foreclosure Case Fails to Clarify Ownership A mortgage that was passed around like the flu seemed to send two South Florida courts down a rabbit hole as a New York federal credit union sues Trump to block Mulvaney at CFPB When Richard Cordray officially resigned as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last month, the agency was thrown into disarray Russell v.

The larger debate: Where Democrats sought to create an agency free from political interference, Republicans say it lacks political accountability.

Counsels Corner: Brigham Lundberg talks Foreclosure Environment There are a number of decisions regarding the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA) being issued this year.

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When most people think of foreclosure, they think of people who cant afford to pay off their mortgages.

During the marathon of hearings on the Equifax data breach this fall, many members of Congress expressed dismay about the lack of control consumers have when it comes to the credit bureaus.

Short Explanation of TILA RESCISSION vs Common Law Rescission Quiet title is a lawsuit not a motion.

The second most reason for this fraudulent winning streak is Discovery Where Freddie or Fannie Is Alleged to be Owner of Loan Fannie and Freddie are the equivalent of black holes in physics.

Representations abound that they own a loan, or note, or mortgage or debt.

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